Project “Integrating and advocating for Social-Ecological Transformation (SET) in Vietnam’s tertiary education – year 2022”

Sponsor agency: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Implementing agency: Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment (C&E)

Timeframe: Apr 2022

Title of position: Communication consultant

Location: C&E office


Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment (C&E) is a Vietnamese not-for-profit and non-governmental organization established in 2008 that works to promote participation and improve capacity of local, grassroots-level community groups and organizations, for a more ecological and participatory lifestyle among young people, better solutions to environmental issues that are related to their life, and development of civil society and sustainable environment in Vietnam. C&E has rich experience in organizing capacity building for youth in Social Ecological transformation, building foundations and pathways to develop ecological lifestyle education in Vietnam as well as in the Indochina region. C&E has developed a national network of youth groups and grass-root organizations that work in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection.

The project Integrating and advocating for Social-Ecological Transformation (SET) in Vietnam’s tertiary education – the year will be conducted by C&E from April to December 2022 with the sponsorship of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia (RLS SEA) and aims to engage the Vietnamese youth in ecological and social issues by providing them with necessary tools to live an ecological life and do community services and motivate them to take youth actions through education.

As a component of the project, we built the website vietnamsethub.com, and expect that it will become a good site to encourage and facilitate students’ access to new knowledge and open up the potential for the application of social-ecology theory in everyday life. They involve behavior and lifestyle changes which fit modern society while still ensuring sustainable development, Circular Economy and SET’s practices on product chain (from design, green consumption and production, green distribution, 3R of best practices).

In 2022, we plan to build an E-Learning training program with 2 topics SET and CE updated on website vietnamsethub.com. In addition, SET-related topics will be posted on C&E’s media channels and the website. The articles focus on typical SET integration stories after C&E training courses to inspire other trainees to participate and share interesting and successful integrated stories.

For the best result of this activity, C&E Center is looking for 01 Communication consultant to work on the website with following detail:

Scope of Work

C&E is looking for an experienced person to work as the admin of the vietnamsethub website, ensuring the use of the most effective approaches to integrate socio-ecological issues into E-learning programs.

  • responsible in create a tentative plan for building the website with C&E team  (both in content and illusion)
  • developing E-learning program on website vietnamsethub.com with at least related 2 topics to SET
  • responsible to write content and update monthly at least 2 articles on SET related topics
  • identify, implement and use related communication tactics, tools and activities, contributing in the achievement of the projects’ objectives and results as well as in the sustainability of the latter. Guide and oversee the creation of the brand and visual identity of projects and processes; guide and oversee the development of related products.

  • Qualifications and skills 
    • At least a bachelor’s degree
    • Having at least 2 years of working experience in pertinent field (for example communications, journalism, public relations, marketing or a related field);
    • Practical experience in the online training course on environment, design thinking, and experiential learning;
    • Team-oriented: proven ability and motivation to collaborate with others, find solutions and share successes together with colleagues and partners

Contract Supervision

The consultant team will work closely with the C&E on technical issues and implementing plans as well as will be supervised on the quality of training materials and facilitation. C&E staff are also responsible to provide necessary support to help the trainers to complete this duty.

Author compensation & Submission of candidature

A competitive consultancy package will be offered to the communication consultant based on their qualifications and experiences. C&E would like to invite candidates interested in this consultancy to submit the following:

  • A CV in English with relevant qualifications and experience. 
  • Sample or references of past similar work
  • Financial plan.

Applications need to be sent to  ce.center.office@gmail.com 

Only accepted applicants will be contacted.