C&E becomes Rikolto’s partner to implement the project “Smart Food City”

❗️ Over the past decades, Vietnam has made remarkable progress in improving people’s nutritional status and health, especially school-age children. However, in recent years, the consumption of unhealthy food is increasingly common in urban areas. Unsafe foods or processed foods that are rich in fats, additives, salt, and sugar, could increase the risk of overweight, obesity and non-communicable diseases. They are also very cheap and accessible, especially for students. Moreover, information about unhealthy food is being advertised widely on many mass media programs.
👉👉 Therefore, improving nutrition for children through cultivating nutritional knowledge, raising awareness, improving behavior and practice about nutrition is essential. Recognizing the necessity of school nutrition, the Prime Minister has issued Decision No. 41/QD-TTg dated January 8, 2019 approving the Project “Ensure reasonable nutrition and enhance physical activity for children, pupils and students to improve their health and prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma in the period 2018 – 2025”.
👉The project aims to influence groups of staff working in school health and nutrition; students, students, teachers and students’ parents, thereby disseminate the knowledge to the community and the whole society, through communication activities to raise awareness, awareness and behavior about proper nutrition in the community. prevention and control of non-communicable diseases.
☘️To contribute to supporting the Vietnamese Government, Rikolto, a Belgian NGO in Vietnam, has built the program “Safe and nutritious food for schools” in its agenda in 2021 and the period 2022-2026. “Safe and nutritious food for schools” is one of the key components of the “Smart Food City” Program, which is being implemented by Rikolto in 9 cities around the world.
Project objectives
Building a model of healthy, safe and adequate nutrition in students’ meals to serve in Vietnamese school. The model will be used for learning, sharing experiences, and making relevant policy recommendations at all levels.
🌟Expectations of C&E🌟
Sustainable food consumption is also part of C&E’s agenda, which has projects focusing on research and intervention for many years. Becoming a partner in the “Smart Food City” project is an opportunity for C&E to contribute to the goal of raising people’s awareness about providing safe and nutritious food while reducing negative impacts on the environment, climate change and bring benefits for students, as well as producers, and especially smallholder farmers – central actors in this sustainable food system. Rikolto and C&E believe that schools are the right environment for children to learn, practice and perceive the issues of healthy and sustainable food.
In 2021, to achieve the goal, C&E, under the sponsorship of Rikolto organization in Vietnam, will conduct a pilot study to survey the demand for nutritious and safe food in several secondary schools in Hanoi.
Education organizations in Hanoi can learn more about the project through the contact address: ce.center.office@gmail.com
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