In the context of rapid economic growth and environmental degradation and unstainable use of natural resources of Vietnam, there is a critical need to support the improvement of capacity for these local social grass root organizations. Further more, in this rapid pace of change, local people need to be supported to organize themselves in order to voice themselves and obtain their rights on enjoying a healthy environment and sustainable use of local natural resources. Although Vietnamese government have been strengthening their effort to act on environment protection and promote economic growth, the right for local people over their environment and natural resources have not been ensured yet. Thus, It is critical to support local people to formulate their organizational and advocacy ability, especially the existing group. The formulation of a national network of groups cross regions is also an important act in order to create a larger network sharing knowledge and formulating ideas, solution and impact on the society.


In addition, during the last 10 years, SEF have been supporting to formulate many grass root organizations, however, there was very limited support to improve their organizational and operational capacities. These groups are at a critical time to get support to improve their activities as well as to formulate a first network of environmental protection in Vietnam.



·        To build capacity by learning knowledge and experience from CSE – India and other VN NGOs on advocacy and organisation development skills in order to better contribute to promoting civil society and CSOs involvement in environmental protection in Vietnam.

·        A network of environmental organization will be set up which includes existing organizations at three region of Vietnam.


Contents: The training course will be under the format of participatory workshop. The training course includes two components of skill:


  1. Organisational  development skill

§        Basic concepts of organizations and institutions

§        Capacity building

§        Management and Leadership

§        Financial and Fundraising

§        Legal and policies aspects for CSOs.


  1. Advocacy skill

§         The over-all environment of advocacy for environmental protection and community-based natural resources management;

§         Identify and adopt the steps for advocacy in environmental protection;

§         Appropriate strategy for advocacy in environmental protection;

§         Guidelines on advocacy for integrating environmental protection into government policy and programming.

§         Formulate advocacy plans for the integrating environmental protection into government policy and programming.


Beside there will have some presentations on practical experience of India and Vietnam for each component skill. Field trip for India expert and AG will be organise during the time of training.

Expected outputs:

(1). Participants will have competent knowledge and basic skills in organisation development as well as advocacy, which can be effective apply in their project at local levels.

(2). Participants will have detail action plan for their advocacy in their projects.

(3). Manual for participants


Participants: 30 Participants are leaders or key staff of the existing organizations which have been formed or supported by SEF projects during the last 10 years. These selected organizations or groups which have been operating and have opportunities to develop including clubs, interested groups, NGOs.


Training facilitator: Vietnam and India experts


Time and venue: The training course with 5 days which include 4,5 days training class and 1/2 day for sightseeing in Da Nang cities (2-6/8/08)

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