Invitation for Organization service for training in Ha Noi



“Scaling up and mainstreaming innovative approaches on ecological movement into activities of universities – 2020”


Sponsor agency: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Implementing agency:

Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment (C&E)


Timeframe:  September, 2020


It is essential to strengthen the capacity for a more ecological and participatory lifestyle among young people and create foundations and pathways to develop ecological lifestyle education in Vietnam as well as in the region. Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment (C&E) is a Vietnamese NGO working with the community and grass-roots. C&E has developed a national network of youth groups and grass-root organizations that work in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection. C&E has rich experience organizing capacity building for youth, particularly through ecological lifestyle and Youth Change Vietnam.

Under 02 projects:  “Partnership to support and promote informal and non-formal education for advocating ecological lifestyle and climate change adaptation and mitigation in Vietnam Universities – 2015-2017” and “Scaling up and mainstreaming innovative approaches on ecological movement into activities of universities 2018 – 2020” supported by  RLS with the aims to create an effective Eco-network engaging individuals, trainers, universities and organizations into acting towards eco-lifestyle and sustainability education and to promote the idea and practice of ecological lifestyle education among universities and youth networks in Vietnam. Especially, based on the result from survey data, regional TOT, advocacy workshop,….C&E will be responsible for facilitating the review and integration process of these project and providing case studies from its work with the community and the youth in Vietnam. They will also provide linkages with other Vietnamese NGOs and international organizations working in this field to the programs. The C&E will involve students with not only in-class teaching but also extra-curricular activities, such as field classes to raise environmental awareness and embed a sustainable culture.

To deepen the project’s impact, in the year 2020, C&E will work with experts for, co-coaching TOT training and practice of ecological lifestyle education among universities and youth networks in Vietnam. C&E wants to adapt the idea of socio-ecological transformation into its activities philosophy.

The overall expected outcome of Scaling up and mainstreaming innovative approaches on ecological movement into activities of universities – the year 2020 is supposed to align with RLS’s orientation towards socio-ecological transformation (SET).

In terms of operative principle, the project will utilize SET as the approach to development. Given the current overemphasis on economic aspect and limited attention to ecology and social domains, we deem that SET will be more effective in promoting community development and helping to tackle ecological and social issues. The activities are supposed to draw target participants and the public’s attention to contemporary environmental challenges and social challenges in conjunction with economic growth to motivate them to work out viable solutions. Therefore, the project is expected to help accelerate just transition.

Furthermore, educational methods learnt through C&E’s experience with RLS during COP24 will be applied to the operation of the project. Informal and non-formal will be the focal approaches when learner-centered activities are designed to provide experiential learning. Multi-perspective is also encouraged so that participants will be able to reflect on their professional roles from different positions to first, help them to understand others’ views and then to encourage them to address challenges in more creative and effective ways. Besides knowledge, the project will also focus on developing target participants’ skills and attitudes so that they will have the necessary tools for their future cause.

Finally, through education, the project aims to disseminate SET in the context of Vietnam. Given that SET is a relatively new concept in Vietnam, the project aims to first introduce it through formal talks and workshops and then invite participants to apply it in their personal and professional.


Project objectives

Generally, the project aims to:

  • Promote ecological lifestyle and movement among the young Vietnamese and integration of socio-ecological issues/transformation into university activities through education; and
  • Raise public awareness of youth ecological movement in Vietnam.



1.      Meeting room services

Please find in the following tables requirement specifications per event (subject to changes):


Training 4 days
Time: 24-27 Sep, full day (morning 8:00-12:00am, afternoon 1:30-5:00pm)
Location: Ha Noi
Quantity of participants35 participants
Meeting room

The meeting room should preferably have natural light, windows and  water during the meeting. The room should preferably have a flip chart, a multimedia projector and screen, microphones, etc. Ensure that all equipment is functional and installed prior to the start of the event. A technician should be available in case of any problems.

Important: Your offer must specify what technical equipment, furniture and services are included in the meeting room rental cost. Also, please provide a full price list of additional equipment and services with your


1 meeting roomCapacity at least 40 persons, seating in

classroom style or Groups style

full day
Free wi-fiThe meeting venue should be equipped with free wi-fi access for meeting participants.
Catering services

Arrange meals for participants within maximum amounts of participants per day as agreed with C&E . Ensure that catering packages (lunch, and coffee-breaks) are provided in a timely manner.

Lunch room35-40 persons Lunch table

Please provide 2 sample menus of lunch

Estimated time: 12.00-13.00
Beverages01 Bottle 20 lit
Coffee breakIncluding tea, coffee and cake, fruiteAccording to the


DinnerDinner for 20 – 30 persons

Please provide 2 sample menus

Time to be confirmed

2.      Hotel accommodation

C&E invites qualified hotels to make a firm offer for the provision of hotel accommodation services related to the above events

Hotel accommodation
Mandatory requirement: Standard Single room/ double room, including breakfast and free wi-fi
Location: Ha noi city
Hotel rooms per night
Date23 Sep24 Sep25 Sep26 Sep27 Sep
Double rooms1818x1815
Important note: If your hotel is not able to provide the full capacity of this requirement, please let us know the maximum amount of rooms your hotel will be able to allocate. 


The above numbers are based on an estimated need and are subject to changes.


3.      Event manager

The hotel or training place should nominate an Event manager as focal point to deal with

C&E before, during and after the event and to give C&E support in all matters concerning the management of this event. The name of the contact person must be stated in the response. The person must be available, if needed, during the event.