Gaia Calling 18th – 22th of March, 2019

Gaia Calling is a  five-day Eco – Gathering from 18th – 22nd of March 2019. Followed by a  three-day Networking Conference from      24th – 26th of March, organised by NextGENOA.
Participants can choose to join the whole program or Gaia Calling only.


Mar 18th – 22nd

NextGENOA Networking Conference: March 24th – 26th

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Our Story.

In this transition period, many of us can hear the cry of the Earth as we witness the loss of biodiversity, environmental degradation, over and the socio-economical crisis happening around us. We are now having a wave of new “Earth Warriors” generation who stands up for the right of Gaia. They are the ones that care and wonder, the ones that seek to make a change in their own daily lives, the ones that take actions and the ones that unite others around them. Gaia Calling is for these Earth Warriors. The journey of regeneration might be long, but together we are stronger, wiser, happier and more determined than ever to reply to the call of the Earth.

Why Gaia Calling is born?

  • To acknowledge the pain and suffering of the mother Earth, also to celebrate the strength and potential it holds, in healing itself, in regeneration and evolution.

  • To realise the Earth is also learning, as we are exploring and learning about ourselves. This recognition of the immense strength of Mother Earth makes us empowered, gives inspiration and we can harvest these qualities in ourselves, get the energy to be silent warriors in our journey of life. These five days will be about a connection with Gaia along with finding our unique capacity and strength to offer ourselves in this process of evolution and change.


Gaia Calling is a co-creation space where everyone is encouraged to express themselves and contribute their ideas/expertise to enrich the gathering together as a whole. The Activities are designed for holistic learning, a balance of Head (mind and intellect), Heart (spirit) and Hand (body). The 5 days’ activities are based on the mandala of four dimensions of sustainability by GEN – Social, Economy, Ecology and Culture/Worldview.

Exchange of knowledge and information related to the theme of the Gathering via presentation, discussion, sharing, dialogue, open space, and more. Guided sections with notable speakers (Jon Jandai, Om) and sharing sections among topics in social, economic and ecological dimensions.

A safe space to create a deeper connection with the Earth, with each other and with ourselves; to express our gratitude and celebrate our love for Gaia through music, art, rituals and cultural exchange.

This is the space where people can offer their skills to contribute to the beauty and abundance and to regenerate the land. The love and joy in working together practically will also deepen our connection with ourselves and with each other


Tentative Schedule

Day 1 : Coming and settling in Gaia Ashram

Day 2 : Social dimension, short presentation and networking.

Day 3 : Economy – market day, an economy of common good, games.

Day 4 : Ecology – hands-on work, deep ecology, natural farming and building.

Day 5 : Culture – celebration, rituals and whole systems thinking.

Who is it for?

Youth and young adults (approximately less than 35 years old), living in Asia and Oceania region, who are interested or involved in the sustainability movement.


Gaia Ashram is a small international community living project based on 6-hectares of land which is being developed using deep ecology, permaculture and ecovillage design principles.

Gaia Ashram is the base of Gaia School Asia and is located in the North-East of Thailand, between the small cities Nong Khai and Udon Thani. Gaia Ashram is also located near Vientiane, the capital of Laos. We will send you details about how to travel to Gaia Ashram from Bangkok soon.

Participation Fee And Accommodation

  • Gaia Calling: 2500 Thai Baht including the cost of food (vegetarian) and basic accommodation for 5 days (18-22/03). Accommodation in a dorm room (first come first serve) and shared tent.

  • You have the option of bringing your own tent or staying in a shared private room with an extra fee (350Baht per day for triple sharing).

  • Cost for NextGENOA networking conference from 23 -26/03: 1050 Baht
    ( 350Baht per day/person regular volunteer price)

  •  Thông tin chi tiết:

Contact information
Gaia Ashram
Name of contact person: Om and Tom
Phone number: 080 579 1006

Address: Gaia Ashram, 149 Ban That, Phen District, Udon Thani, Thailand 41150

How to reach the Location?
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