Confront emerging challenges

However, this good news can not hide the increasing environmental problems and degradation of our valuable natural resources. Recent years have witnessed more and more environmental crises. In certain cases, these have seriously affected the life of local communities and slowed down economic development. Habitat loss and wildlife trade are still threatening Vietnam’s biodiversity. Floods, drought and other natural disasters occur more frequently. Chemical contamination due to overuse of herbicides in farming, and uncontrolled dumping of hazardous waste, are causing health problems in many communities throughout the country.

In the near future, more new environmental crises and catastrophes will arise as a result of the development process. Urban pollution, water contamination, degradation of air quality, unpredictable natural disasters due to climate change, environmental refugees, conflicts from unequal access to natural resources, and other new problems may threaten the sustainability of Vietnam’s development.

PanNature envisions its role as a local player in ensuring the future of sustainable development through implementing holistic and targeted programs and activities to tackle current and emerging environmental issues. To combat these challenges, we seek and apply new approaches and interventions in environmental protection and nature conservation.

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