The dialogue had the participation of many stakeholders such as: club members, the commune management board, local forest rangers, the local people committee, forest officers, the forest protection unit,… Participants listened to the report from the management board of environmentally friendly forest use clubs about their forest protection activities like: strengthening fire protection, forest patrol, periodical activities, building community forest protection regulations… Participants also recognized a positive change in terms of awareness and capacity of club members.


In meetings of the village management board, they always invited representatives of club management boards to take part in and share their activities. The clubs also shared their difficulties and sought solutions together. The management board of the village and the club have a close relationship. When they detect people trying to harm the community forest, the village management board will have an alarm asking forsupport from the commune.

Mr ALăng Cung – Head of the people committee in Zà Hung commune, Đông Giang District, Quảng Nam Province shared: “The people`s committee of this commune always follow up and support activities of the club. When loggers show up, people need to stay calm, and not create conflict because it might be dangerous to their lives. The club management board will report to the village and commune management board to have safe and on-time responses”.

The environmentally friendly forest use club, the village management board and the commune people committee are the stakeholders that are directly and closely related to local forest. Therefore, a good coordination mechanism among them will create a firm tripod to help manage and use forest resources more sustainably while increasing the livelihood for local people.

This is based on one  activity in the project: “Sustainable management of natural forest through raising awareness and building capacity to improve the rights and legal status of ethnic minority communities to natural forest in central Vietnam (2012-2014)”. This project is conducted by the Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment and sponsored by Fund of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in Southeast Asia.





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