Workshop “Education for Sustainable Development and Behavior Change”

The pilot phase was implemented from August 2011 to May 2012 with the participation of four schools in Thua Thien Hue, including NguyenChiDieuSecondary School and Le Hong Phong Secondary School in HueCity and DangDungSecondary School and QuangPhuSecondary School in Quang Dien District. In the field test phase, there will be three more schools in Thua Thien Hue, including Ham Nghi Secondary School and Pham Van Dong Secondary School in Hue city and Quang Vinh Secondary School in Quang Dien District and one school which is Nam Hung Secondary School from Tien Hai District, Thai Binh Province to participate. 

This workshop aimed to build capacity for ESD and Behavior Change. It facilitated exchange of experience among teachers, project officers and young leaders so that they would understand the plan, methods and skills needed in ESD and Behavior Change and promote sustainable lifestyles in the field test phase. Thirty five teachers, school leaders, representatives of two education departments and C&E young educational staff attended the workshop. 

C&E summarised and shared the overall results of the pilot phase with teachers, school leaders and representatives from Education Department of Hue City and Education Department of Quang Dien District. These results, particularly including changes in cognition and behaviors of students, have built confidence among participating teachers and young educational staff. They have also encouraged students to raise awareness and act to save electricity and water, take care of their health and build good relations with their friends and relatives. The students become more active in team work and in-class presentation. By the end of all topics, 70% of the students changed their behaviors positively towards the environment and society. Especially, the project organised extra-curricular activities for the students, including “Recycling Festival” on 3 December 2011, Environmental Film Festival and Green Action Camp in Festival Hue 2012 and in Tam Giang Wave Festival. These occasions offered the students opportunities to exchange and demonstrate what they had learned during their participation in green living activities. With great enthusiasm, C&E was proud to contribute its efforts to ESD in Vietnam. 

After C&E report, the workshop introduced new teachers to positive, inspirational and interactive educational methods. Experienced teachers and education experts also shared their teaching experience with the new teachers. As this subject aims particularly to help students change their behaviors and skills toward sustainable actions and positive social relations, it requires suitable skills and methods of the teachers. In two workshop days, the teachers acquired necessary knowledge, methods and skills. They also taught a trial lesson and basically met the teaching requirements. 

Through the project “Partnership for Community Action on Climate Change”, C&E expects the teachers and young people who work on the education field to become a channel to deliver and spread messages and actions towards sustainable lifestyles to students and the community so that they can follow. At the same time, the project will create a cooperating and sharing network among school leaders, education department leaders, teachers, students, parents, educators and communication agencies who will together cooperate, share and support ESD.

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