The Rights-based Approach- A Story of Community-based Forest Management in Phu Mau

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 “Natural forest allocation to community to manage” is a major policy of the Communist Party and the Government of Vietnam to implement the socialisation of forestry. Thua Thien Hue is a province in the Central Coast region where forest land area (307,201.8 hectares as of 2008) accounts for 60.7% of the total land area so the province has attended to this policy for long. Like many other localities, however, forest allocation to community to manage has encountered difficulties. Particularly, people are not active in the process and forests are continued to be destroyed. Phu Mau Village in Huong Phu commune, Nam Dong district, Thua Thien Hue province is an example.

Being aware of this problem, since 2006, Hue Nature Care (NC) together with local people have established Sustainable management, protection and development of natural forest based on the rights of the people” model with support of the former Sida Environmental Fund- SEF (now is the Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment C&E), local authorities and departments. For the past five years of implementation (2006-2011), this model has gained considerable successes. The village natural forests have been managed, protected and enriched effectively. Landscape, environmental ecology and economic values have grown, bringing local people a lot of real benefits.

Contributing to this success was the support of local organizations such Consultative and Research Center on Natural Resource Management (CORENARM); the Province Center of Agricultural and Forestry Extension, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Station of Agricultural and Forestry Extension, Ranger Department in Nam Đông and others.

On the basis of the overall experience, C&E in cooperation with Hue NC compiled the book “The Rights-based Approach- A Story of Community-based Forest Management in Phu Mau” to introduce practical experience of Phu Mau people in natural forest protection and management to communities living in similar conditions for learning and reference in working in their localities.

Via this book, we also wish to recommend to state agencies, scientists, social organizations and communities as to the efforts, methods and ways that Phu Mau people have adopted to successfully manage, protect and promote their state-allocated forest resources.

We acknowledge with sincere thanks to the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Germany) which has financially supported the publication of this book.


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