16-22 February 2020, Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment (C&E) representing Vietnam was invited to Chandigarh (India) to participate in Sust-food Training Course hosted by non-governmental organization Aswaaz (India). Together with Vietnam team were Hello Youth (Sweden), Mine Vaganti (Italy), VSA (Thailand) and Turkey organizations. During the course, over 30 participants learned about entrepreneurial competencies sustainable food business by taking part in a variety of activities.


Sust-food Training Course participants



The participants had chances to present Youth Employment situation in their countries and discussed the Pros and Cons of Sustainable Food and Mass-produced Food. In this topic, the representatives from six countries debated the profit, investment, labor resource, environment conservation, etc. At the end of the discussion, all the participants agreed that producing sustainable food is the optimal choice for future generations. 

The participants were also provided with knowledge on Digital Instruments and Marketing Campaign, and practiced by producing videos introducing sustainable goods. Furthermore, the participants gained practical knowledge by visiting MK – organic strawberry farm in Punjab state and listening to the owners share experience running their business. 

Participants going outside to record videos

Vietnamese participants visiting MK – organic strawberry farm


Another worth-mentioned activity was Intercultural Night, where each country introduced to others about its food and beverage specialties, as well as other aspects of its culture like language, traditional dances, and music.


Vietnamese and Italian representatives in Intercultural Night


At the end of the program, all the participants had strengthened teamwork skills, enriched knowledge on sustainable food and other environmental priorities. More importantly, this was a precious opportunity for participants to connect with like-minded representatives from other countries, and support each other to make huge differences through practical actions in their communities.