ROSA_Call for papers

Transforming toward a united and just Southeast Asia

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung is calling papers on the topics of Social Justice, SocialEcological Transformation and a broader view of the ASEAN region.
We will also provide a small allowance (200 – 500 EUR, depending on quality and length) for each paper that is selected for publication.

To explore new political viewpoints and to facilitate sharing processes in the ASEAN region, we are calling for papers on the themes: (i) Economic and trade policy; (ii) Social justice; (iii) Agricultural and food policy / (Focus: Food Sovereignty); (iv) Climate and energy policy (Focus: Climate Justice); and (v) Feminism. Please see the below sections for more information. Papers are expected to provide analysis of political struggles and potential solutions for overcoming current challenges in the above themes. The papers
may focus on – but are not limited to – any countries within the Southeast Asian region.

Papers can be submitted at any time via e-mail