Press release – Green action camp


(Hue City, 7 April 2012)


Contribution to Hue Festival 2012 – Cultural Heritage Combined with Economic Development and International Integration

Hue Festival 2012 – The destination of dreams

Green actions- Green steps around the world

 Camp Time: 10h00-11h00 on 7 April 2012

Camp Location: Nguyen Van Troi Park, Hue City, Vietnam

According to annual schedule, Hue Festival 2012 will officially open amidst the joy and eagerness of Vietnamese people on 07 April. With the honor of being one of the key contributors to education for sustainable development in Hue in 2011-2012, Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment (C&E) has received full support from Hue City Education and Training Department and Hue Youth Union Hue City to host a children camp as part of the opening event series of Hue Festival. C&E will cooperate with Green Friendship Club of Faculty of Environmental Sciences in Hue University in this Green Action Camp with a hope of conveying the message "green steps round the world" to children and other participants via fun camp activities. From this, they will understand sustainable lifestyles better and spread them to the community.


The camp is a communication activity of the project "Partnership for Community Action on Climate Change" which has been carried out by C&E, Action Center for City Development (ACCD) and Global Action Plan, Sweden (GAP) with financial support from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) in Hue City. The camp offers a useful and interesting playground where school children can show their creativity, smart thinking and agile skills. Moreover, the organizers hope to form a forum for children to voice their dreams for themselves, families and their beautiful Hue City.

Green Action Camp will operate in Nguyen Van Troi Park, Hue City on Saturday 7 April 2012. In joining the camp, participants will have opportunities to take part in the following activities:

• Throwing darts for environmental messages, predicting and explaining sustainable actions and receiving meaningful gifts

• Drawing and sending wishes to Hue Festival 2012

• Making recycling stuff, decorating eco-bags, giving decorated bags and receiving instructions to use eco-bags in shopping.

• Visiting and learning useful information about sustainable development as well as other environmental issues from useful camp materials.

The organizers cordially invite schools, organizations and press agencies in Hue City who are interested in the camp to participate.

 For more information, please contact:

Tran Kim Hoan

Project Officer

Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment (C&E)


Mobile: 0916.716.863

Truong Minh Den

Chairman of Green Friendship Club


Mobile: 0988.335.620



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