Global Survey on Sustainable Lifestyles

“Sustainable Lifestyles” are defined here as practices and choices, at the individual or collective level, that enable individuals to meet their needs and aspirations (having good quality of life) with a sense of responsibility towards the present and future generations, taking into account their environmental and social impacts.


          Objectives: 1) explore how young adults from different cultures in the world perceive, imagine and shape sustainable lifestyles; and 2) explore how we can build on their experience, creative ideas, values and aspirations to design and implement policies, sending affective messages on sustainability that are inspiring and respond to their  socio-cultural identities.


          Approach: the survey’s questionnaire has been developed in a quantitative and qualitative perspective and stands as an in-depth analysis.


          Target: the survey is aimed at young adults, aged from 18 to 35 years old – students or young professionals living in urban areas.


          Outcome: a cross-cultural report based on partners’ analysis will be published as one key outcome of the Global Survey on Sustainable Lifestyles



The questionnaire


          The draft/test survey’s questionnaire is available online at


          An electronic version of the questionnaire can also be downloaded from the home page of the survey or sent by email upon request to avoid long Internet connections. Once filled, the questionnaires in electronic version have to be sent back to Ms. Fabienne Pierre (UNEP DTIE) at


          The questionnaire will be available in English, Spanish and French by 20 November 2008.


          Respondents need approximately 1 hour to fill in the questionnaire completely. The online questionnaire should be filled in at once. However, respondents will be given a 3-hours session to fill in the questionnaire, which will enable them to return to their answers in case of Internet failure during that time. The electronic version can be sent by email.

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