“Exchanging Plastic Bag” Champaign at Đặng Dung Secondary School (Quảng Điền district)

“Plastic Bag – A Danger of Environment and Health” opening ceremony was received significant attentions, advocacies and great supports from local authorities, departments, associations and particularly from the local community of Sia Town. Although it was affected by rainy weather, the ceremony still run smoothly in a warm enthusiastic atmosphere. The ceremony provided information and made local people fully aware of the dangerous and harmful impacts of plastic bags toward not only human’s health and lives but also environment and ecosystem even though plastic bags have played an important role in people daily lives for decades. Local people will reduce using and throwing plastic bags after use to the environment in the coming time.


Another important activity of the ceremony which gained much attention was “Exchanging Plastic Bags to Eco-bag”, hosted by project officers from C&E Center. At the C&E stall, project officers had introduced the “Eco-bag” as well as its effects and instructions for use to the local officials, representatives, delegates from other departments, associations and particularly local people. With its notable features: environmentally-friendly, renewable material and can be used easily and repeatedly, eco-bag has been a good friend of people’s daily lives and environment. C&E officers also presented some Eco-bags to the local authority, delegates and people. During the ceremony, project officers from C&E Center also exchanged Eco-bags for plastic bags, cans, old papers (collected by students before). They also gave students pin badges, handbook, paper bags and encouraged them in using Eco-bag in daily lives as well as participating in protecting local environment.

Also in the content of the ceremony, “Em Học Sống Xanh (Learning To Live Green)” – a program of in thePartnership for Community Action on Climate Change” Project – was introduced to delegates, teachers and students of Dang Dung School. The Project were designed and implemented by C&E Center, ACCD Center with the technical supports from GAP and funded by SIDA Fund. Designed under international standard with the reference from 25 different countries, Em Hoc Song Xanh has become a more and more interesting program to the children and students with many realistic and useful topics like: Waste, Water, Energy, Social Relations,… EHSX has brought needed information, knowledge via these topics, practices and activities, creating an exciting, active educational environment for students and making them feel comfortable during lessons. The primary aims of the program are changing students’ behaviours then their parents and community’s ones, contributing to the efforts of reducing negative global warming effects and orienting to sustainable development. The project has been implemented in 16 different secondary schools in Hanoi, Thua Thien Hue, Thai Binh and is being expanded in Da Nang and Hoi An.


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