ECO WEEK 2019 Thai nguyen University

“ECOWEEK 2019”

Topic: Responsible consumption


Eco-week 2019 is in the framework of the primary project “Scaling up and mainstreaming innovative approaches on ecological movements into activities of university 2018-2020” organized by Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment under the sponsorship of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia (RLS).


Eco-week 2019 – Theme “Responsible consumption” takes place in Thai Nguyen University of Science for 5 days from 10-14 October 2019, promising to bring new and exciting ideas and actions related to ecological lifestyle with the main theme of “Responsible consumption“. Eco-week 2019 consists of two integral activities, eco-lecture hall and eco-space. Eco-space comprises a variety of topics such as “Climate change and ecological lifestyle”, “Eco-space and zero-carbon entertainment” and “Waste and gardening” and how young practitioners of green and zero-waste lifestyle can make impacts on individuals, communities and society. 50 potential young people will be selected to participate in eco-lecture hall with lectures specialized in ecological lifestyle and the practice of developing projects, including 3 days of which a 2-day-1-night field trip. With the advantage of many majors in different fields, Thai Nguyen University of Science has been decided to be the venue for 50 student leaders to take part in this training, promoting the practice of ecological lifestyle as a movement among young people in Thai Nguyen and expand the network in Vietnam which starts with the establishment of a network of “Ecological leaders”.


Eco-space and eco-lecture hall presents diverse topics with learning activities and experiences, including workshops, seminars, training, field trips, exhibition, presentation, project development skills and debates. This will be a platform for your comprehensive development in terms of both knowledge and skills.

1. Time and venue

Time: 10-14 October 2019 (5 days)

Venue: Thai Nguyen University of Science, Thai Nguyen University, Tan Thinh ward, Thai Nguyen city.

2. Participants

  • In 2019, the program takes place in Thai Nguyen University of Science, Thai Nguyen University with the participation of students of universities in Thai Nguyen.
  • Eco-lecture hall is specifically organized for 50 students and lecturers who have involved in previous programs of C&E.
  • Apart from Eco-lecture hall, eco-space welcomes everyone and environmental projects in Thai Nguyen for more knowledge and ecological presents.

3. Tentative program



* Fair:

Ecological products


* Talk show:








* Ecological challenge:

Opening ceremony

* Eco-space

Ecological fair: Booths of organizations, clubs and projects presenting their programs and products

* Exhibition of photos and eco-products

* 60 Minutes: Talks by speakers

–  Kien Dang: ecological school of farmers

– Truong minh Den: Gardening and raising earthworms

-Nguyen Hue Phuong: Eco-space – recycled playgrounds

– Nguyen Van Tien (3T): Story about a zero-waste shop –

The journey to responsible consumption

* Ecological gardening

* Team building challenges

2Training at lecture halls

2 training classes (25 students/class)

In-door training on zero-waste life and natural gardening in the relationship with consumption and production

Intensive training on content, knowledge and activities

Group designing slogan and developing project initiatives

3Experiential learning

2 training classes (25 students/class)

Out-door training on zero-waste life and natural gardening

* Overnight in the field


– 2 parallel field trips:

+ Cultural reserve site: Thai Hai ecological village

+ Dream Farm

4Developing ecological initiatives/projects/topics

* Parallel sessions in the field


Instructions on developing projects

5Ecological fair

Theme: Responsible consumption and ecological initiatives

Talk show

Initiative exhibition

* 60 Minutes: Talks by speakers

– Le Anh Tuan: Sustainable water use amid climate change

– Nguyen Duc Tung: Waste management

– Nguyen Phuc Cong Loc: Forest livelihood of communities

– Bui Ngoc Cuong: Ngong rice

– Gala: Green Initiatives

– Closing ceremony and certificate issue

– Taking photos








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