Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment (C&E)

C&E was founded by members of the Advisory Group of the Sida Environmental Fund (SEF). The Center inherited SEF experiences and lessons over 12 years promoting and supporting community initiatives in environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources, and promoting NGOs and CBOs that worked at the grass roots level. SEF was established by the Swedish Embassy in Hanoi. The Fund supported about 300 small projects nationwide between 1997-2008 which raised capacity of local organisations, raised the public’s environmental awareness and promoted networking of civil society in environmental protection and natural resource management.

C&E was granted establishment decision from the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) number 1202/QD-LHH dated 27 August 2008 and operation license No. A-754 from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) dated September 12, 2008.

Vision: C&E envisages the future of Vietnam in which local communities, groups, and organisations actively participate in solutions to environmental problems, conservation of natural resources, and maintenance of sustainable life.


Mission: C&E supports local communities, community-based organisations, and civil society organisations in formulation and implementation of initiatives to protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and promote sustainable development.



          To assist community-based organisations in improvement of their knowledge and capacity, and use of their right to increase accessibility to and use of social resources to build sustainable livelihoods and conserve local natural resources.

          To cooperate with and support professional-based groups such as social professional associations and local NGOs in enhancement of their capacity to support community organisations, advocate environmental and development policies, and monitor government’s policies and projects.

          To establish networks and forums to exchange ideas and share information among C&E beneficiaries and interested parties.


Areas of Focus: :

  • Natural resource management and conservation
  • Environmental protection and climate change
  • Civil society development and participation
  • Gender equity

Programme and activities

Research and implementation of programs on environmental issues which affect the community. These environmental issues include, for example, climate change, sustainable consumption and production, food safety, socio-environmental impact of land acquisition for industrial zone construction and public purposes, community participation in management and effective use of natural resources.


Capacity building for the community and civil society organisations in the form of training, workshop, dialogue, and forum on emerging issues which are related to environmental protection and effective use of natural resources. This is to enable the community and civil society organisations to participate effectively in development activities and decision-making process at localities. 


Policy advocacy to strengthen public voice on specific issues which are related to environmental monitoring and detecting violations of environmental legislation, to comment on policy and plan of environment issues and sustainable development, and to advocate policy and decision-making process.


Education and communication to raise public environmental awareness, educate the public, disseminate and exchange information on environmental protection and sustainable development through publications, websites, and practical activities for the community, civil society organisations and other interested parties nationwide


Networking and partnership to enhance linkage which serve to maintain and connect environmental initiatives of community and civil society organisations (CSO) nationwide.

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