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In 2009, Center for Development of Community Initiatives and Environment (C&E) in collaboration with environmental organizations and universities participated in the "Global Survey on Sustainable Lifestyle” (GSSL) under the guidance of United Nations Environment Programme Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (UNEP DTIE) and with financial support from the Swedish Ministry of Environment and the International Task Force on Sustainable Lifestyles led by Sweden. The global survey shows that there are multiple definitions of sustainable lifestyles. It also demonstrates that people and communities around the world have been searching for and proposing creative, different solutions and encouraging and supporting actions to promote sustainable lifestyles that respect diverse cultures around the world.



GSSL-Vietnam findings show that most people in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang have been using motorbikes and cars for handy travel. They have not really cared about how to use electricity, water, fuel, and food in the most cost-effective ways. Building sustainable living habits is vital for humanity. However, changing perceptions and behaviors and habits is a long-term process. Accompany the young generation, C&E wishes to guide them toward active involvement in and mobilization of their friends and families for building sustainable lifestyles.



In 2010, C&E developed a strategy to promote sustainable lifestyles and sustainable consumption in Vietnam. C&E also received approval from UNEP Youth Exchange Program for updating, adaptation and dissemination of the UNEP/UNESCO YouthXchange Training Kit in Vietnam. At the same time, SGS-Group Management Ltd approved funding for a small project on “CapacityBuilding for Sustainable Lifestyles" in Vietnam and the Philippines under the coordination of UNEP. In Vietnam, C&E has received active support from SGS Vietnam to implement this project to promote changes in behaviors and lifestyles of consumers through campaigns to raise awareness, education, communication and action for the youth. Capacity building to help young people develop and practice eco-initiative is an importance component of this project. C&E will coordinate with SGS Vietnam and partners to organize two training sessions in Hanoi and HCMCity in June 2010. These sessions will be the first trial of parts of the UNEP/UNESCO YouthXchange Training Kit on Vietnamese young.


C&E is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. C&E works to promote participation of and enhance capacity of organizations and community groups to better address environmental issues relevant to their own life, contributing to development of civil society and sustainable environment development in Vietnam. C&E has a network of community groups across the country including volunteer youth groups and civil society groups who work for sustainable development. C&E participated in GSSL initiated by UNEP and is continuing to promote responsible consumption and sustainable living movement in Vietnam.

SGS Group Management Ltd., a leading company in the world, has been present in Vietnam since September 1997. The company provides inspection, testing, certification and verification services. It can provide high expertise in all areas of ISO, audit, communication and partnership development. SGS has recently expressed interest in supporting the youth in sustainable living, environment and education in Vietnam. SGS is supporting C&E in implementing this program on a small scale and will continue its support in the years to come.


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