Promoting Integration of ecological lifestyle into curriculum and activities for Vietnamese students

HANOI, SEPTEMBER 28, 2016 – Representatives from universities, NGOs and policy makers have come together to find practical and practical solutions for lifelong learning activities. Towards Sustainable Development of the United Nations (SDGs) in the framework of the workshop “Promoting the integration of ecological lifestyles into teaching and activities for Vietnamese students” at the Center for Women and Development 20 Thuy Khue.

Ministry of Education and Training, Director Le Trong Hung – Department of Science, Technology and Environment

Mr. Phung Thanh Binh from Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics also pointed out that the current status of training programs on sustainable development is too much focused on economics and has not paid attention to the relationship between environment, economy and community

At the end of the workshop, most participants expressed their support for and committed to integrating ecological lifestyles as well as sustainable development education into their curriculum, activities and institutions.