C&E Center is looking for professionals to work in the project activities 2018



The climate change impacts on human systems become particularly evident in the analysis of observed and future changes in the Asia and Pacific region. The deterioration of the Asian “water towers,” prolonged heat waves, coastal sea-level rise, and changes in rainfall patterns could disrupt ecosystem services and lead to severe effects on livelihoods, which in turn would affect human health, migration patterns, and the potential for conflicts. Some areas, particularly in Southeast Asia, could enter into new climate regimes due to the frequent occurrence of unprecedented heat extremes.

It is important that efforts to control unsustainable growth include actions from the state, the private business sector, education sector and the civil society. The youth represent the best actor and voice to spread this message in-country planning and development. By raising the environmental awareness, knowledge and skills of young and future professionals, they will contribute and integrate their concerns, Eco-lifestyle and sustainability principles in their professional practices. Universities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are well positioned to support this empowerment endeavor. They can mobilize resources, provide services and advocate for and deliver new sustainable planning programs.

Upon completion of the project, this partnership will establish the Vietnamese universities as the core centers of tertiary education, with the capacity to deliver quality and effective training programs integrating ecological lifestyle and sustainability. The Partnership will also enhance C&E as a leader in Vietnamese environmental youth movement and as an active contributor to Eco-lifestyle and sustainability training in higher education. The project results will enrich the approach, methodology and materials for Eco-lifestyle.

In the past 2 years 2015-2016 the RLS-funded project has completed a research on an ecological lifestyle of Vietnamese youth to be used as input and foundation to other activities and at the same time completed 2 important guidebooks on ecological lifestyle for both trainers and public audience. The project successfully organized pilot training and advocacy events with the participation of universities and youth organizations in different parts of Vietnam. To accelerate the integration of ecological lifestyle education, it is important to create more tools and guidelines for this integration process to easily be adapted and put into practice at different levels and organizations.

And in the year 2017, this project creates 3 toolkits on different topics as Tourism, Food and Water-related to ecological lifestyle. These toolkits together with the guidebook on ecological lifestyle and the teacher’s guide served as a wholesome tool for educators, trainers from universities and organizations to build courses and activities that are suitable for their own conditions and needs. As ecological lifestyle education is still very new and needs different approach and methodologies, training on ecological lifestyle education served as a platform for educators and trainers to get together, gain knowledge and exchange skills and experience on the subject.

To deepen the project’s impact, in the year 2018, Project “Scaling up and mainstreaming innovative approaches on ecological movement into activities of universities” aims to create an effective Eco-network engaging individuals, trainers, universities and organizations into acting towards eco-lifestyle and sustainability education and to promote the idea and practice of ecological lifestyle education among universities and youth networks in Vietnam.


Project Objectives for 2018:

To promote ecological lifestyle for Vietnam students and provide them with tools to learn and apply ecological lifestyle into their life and future careers

The activities of 2018 project are:

  • Composing training toolkits specialized for different topics in depth related to ecological lifestyle with the support from German experts.
  • Organize an experiential training of trainers (TOT) on ecological lifestyle education.

It is essential to strengthen the capacity for a more ecological and participatory lifestyle among young people and create foundations and pathways to develop ecological lifestyle education in Vietnam as well as in the region. C&E will work with experts for reviewing the training material, co-coaching TOT training also C&E wants to adapt the idea of socio-ecological transformation into its activities philosophy.

C&E Center is looking for professionals to work in the project activities in different positions related to this TOR as listed below:

Position: Guidebook Review and Finalization toolkit document in 2017 with the topic

Topic 1: Sustainable food consumption

Topic 2: Responsible tourism

Topic 3: Sustainable water use

Required number for this position: 1 person

Key responsibility

  • Review content and finalize the toolkit 2017
  • Work with project coordinator to enhance the content and timeline of the guidebook finalization.

Professional requirements and experience

  • Have master degree in at least one of these majors: environment, climate change, natural resources management, social sciences, sustainable development.
  • Years of experiences: at least 10 – 15 years in the field of development and can successfully fulfill detailed tasks in this TOR.
  • Have experience in working with youth and community
  • Have experience in education, communication, development or related fields.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and in response to rapidly changing needs. Applications including CV and motivation letter need to be sent to ce.center.office@gmail.com no later than May 22th 2018. Please indicate the interesting position and fill quotation form follow link http://bit.ly/2JwABhe and address the email to Mr. Nguyen Viet Trung – Project officer. Only accepted applicants will be contacted.